Jia Jia Wang was born in Beijing then moved to London at an early age. JiaJia’s works are about the changing values that are associated with growing up in our current society. The world we live in now has been in a constant state of flux and progress, the ways we communicate, travel and live have all changed and developed. Technology has become so readily available and easy to use that everyone has limitless capabilities all at their finger tips. With upgrades and new advances every day we all are constantly looking to the future, expecting, awaiting. His works portray a supernatural, melancholy world, using a variety of eclectic imagery borrowing from science fiction, traditional landscape painting etc; Dystopian wastelands punctured by neon lines clash with mountains, rocks, streams and houses. Each painting houses a different setting, scenes of this alternate world, sometimes bright and explosive barely contained by the canvas, others dark and menacing.