How It Works?

Connecting artists and art lovers around the world through a curated marketplace for affordable, original art.

Thank you for joining us at here at Harngallery. We are a curated fine art gallery that specialises in bringing the most beautiful, original art works to everyone, wherever they may be.

Providing art buyers and collectors with a simple and secure platform to buy art directly from emerging artists where ever they reside in the world. Visitors can browse art collections or search by medium, such as oil, acrylic, watercolour, or by subject, size, style, location or price. They can also view artists’ profiles and portfolios to see biographical information as well as other works by the artist.

For artists Harn Gallery engages with discerning art lovers and interested buyers through an active social media program and community of interest. Setting up an artist’s profile is free and simple, allowing them to immediately promote their work beyond their local boundaries.

We are passionate about art and believe it to be an essential part of world culture and society. We believe that enabling emerging artists a platform to promote their work to a global audience will also enrich the world with art that would otherwise be unobtainable.

We offer Free Shipping and 7 day buyer protection for all purchased artwork. Our Money Back guarentee covers the purchase price and return shipping within 7 days of receipt of the art work.

For more details please check out our Buyers and Artist Guides where we have answers to many frequently asked questions:






If you would like to commission one of our artists, have questions or comments, we are always happy to hear from you. Feel free to contact us.

We truly hope you enjoy the lovely artworks at Harn Gallery and that you find something unique and special that you might never see in your local galleries.


S.A McNally

Director, Harn Gallery